Well it seems that I can speak to the trees

Guess who was back in the yard today?

Yep, it seems my request to the trees for the Tawny Frogmouths to return worked. I went out to garden this morning before work and did my usual scan of the trees and there they were. Perched in the Silky Oak, just hanging out. Even better, they were still there when I got home, there is hope it seems that they will hang out in the back yard for some time to come.

In the backyard

Clivia miniata

Two photos from last weekend when I was playing in the backyard with the camera and my 85mm 1.8 that came the other week. Dragged the extension tubes out for one of the flower, which is a Clivia. Then the wind picked up and made it hard to keep the macro shots in focus long enough to take a photo so I turned the camera on to me πŸ˜€

in the backyard