Australia Day 2009

I am currently packing for my move next weekend, listening to the Hottest 100 on the radio and listening to the screams from the cricket match that is currently been played on our street by the house across the road and down one.

This morning, I went out with the SES to a park in The Gap where there was a community recovery event been held which included a Citizenship ceremony, a sausage sizzle and lamingtons, along with a number of stands from various organisations ranging from Lifeline, The Salvos, Telstra, Police, Rural Firires etc. We handed out stickers, magnets and chatted to people whilst hoping that the rain would come to cool it down a little bit.

In the Big W catalogue the last week, they were advertising Australian Flag Holeproof Explorers . Score!!! I now have a pair and I wore them today πŸ˜€ They are so cool πŸ˜€

Socks for Australia Day

There is now only one song left in the Hottest 100 and I can hear the broadcast echoing down the street from at least two other houses πŸ˜€

Australia Day Celebrations

2 Countries, 2 Hemispheres, 2 very different days.

Karl, like the typical Aussie Expat hosted a very fancy Australia Day Beach BBQ in Reykjavik. It was 1 degree above freezing. Still they had a beach, a flag, a bbq, Vegemite, three different types of Karl’s very own beer on tap. The photos are a hoot!

Helen, was assisting at her first wedding for local wedding photographer Tim Harris. It was 31 degrees in the shade at the Bride’s house. I had a great day though, holding flashes, cameras, flowers etc etc and taking a few photos as well. The whole bridal party were a great group and I enjoyed the day, though I was pretty buggered when I got home. πŸ˜€ I also hit the 10k mark on the 5d at about 1:59pm. She was 159 days old yesterday.

The Wedding

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Australia Day also means the Triple J Hottest 100. Only two of the songs I voted for made it into the hottest 100, a couple of the other artists I voted for made into the list but not with the songs I voted for.
56 Xavier Rudd Better People
68 Ben Kweller Penny On The Train Track
I had a much higher hit rate on the Triple Zed Hot 100. Like getting I think five out of the top ten songs.