Angus and Julia Stone, The Tivoli

Thursday night saw me at The Tivoli with The Dwarf for the second night of Angus and Julia Stone. What is most likely a shock to most people is that I haven’t really heard that much of the Stones prior to the concert and what I had heard, I found enjoyable but was by no means a fan. Leaving the show I appreciated them a whole lot more. However the treat for the night was not the Stones but Víctor Valdés, the support act. Man, that man can play the harp. Doing requests from the audience is always the way to go, though I was hoping he would pull out Stairway to Heaven for some strange reason but he didn’t. He did though do a Gypsy King song (I think it was Chan Chan) what had me going was of course Guantanamera. I also got to meet a few other photographers for the first time and a chance to catch up with Eleny again. Quite a nice night indeed.

The Harp Man
Victor the man

One of the things I loved watching was his fingers dart over the strings, it was so magical!
harp fingers

Doesn’t Julia just look so happy to be up on stage?

I love the focus on this one though, sigh nice borrowed glass.

Angus had his hat on all night which meant some pretty nasty face shadows so this is about the best I grabbed
Angus Stone

The siblings Stone

and the rest of the photos are over here in a gallery