These feet dance

My Ballet Feet, 28/365

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has held dreams or desires close to their heart for a long time. I’ve been intrigued and drawn to ballet for I don’t know how long. Through high school I was so self-conscious of my self and trying to do what I thought other people thought I should do or shouldn’t do, that I didn’t even think about taking up dance. I would watch dance movies over and over, I would close my bedroom door, look in the mirror and move my legs and arms around in semi-graceful attempts at some sort of dance but I would never ever do anything like that in front of other people or even voice the idea of doing such a thing.

About two months ago, the QPAC newsletter mentioned this place called 2Ballerinas and adult dance classes. I went to the website and read it many times over. The studios are just up and over the hill from us, the price was very reasonable, it was only ten weeks, the teaching staff have an incredible background. What did I have to loose? I ummed and I ahhhed. I mentioned it to a few people but that was it. Until I felt comfortable I wasn’t going to broadcast it.

I went to my first class clutching my new ballet slippers, totally unsure of what I was going to face. I met some new people and with both excitement and anxiety I took my place at the barre. As the last few weeks have progressed, I have gradually become more confident in what I do. Sure I spend half the class going “what the?” but then after repeating steps and movements over and over and counting in my head I start to get it.

After class on Saturday I felt fantastic. It had been a relatively challenging class and I was physically drained but I felt so good. Now if you ask me what I’m doing on Saturday, I’ll tell you I have dance class. This week I’m also going to start classes with another dance studio on Wednesday nights. I can’t wait πŸ˜€ Now I dance.

29 days and still going!!!

Photos from Days 21-29.
I’ve been to the farm, to work, to play, to the airport, to my parents, to my home and many places more!

Crazy Duck in the Roma St Parklands, 29/365
This morning it was Brown Owls and whilst in the park waiting for the others to arrive I was visited by this bird.
Crazy Duck in the Roma St Parklands, 29/365

Seam Sealing the tent, T-20hrs before departing for Mongolia, 28/365
This morning Mum and her two sisters along with three or four others headed off to Mongolia for the next three and a bit weeks.
seam sealing the tent, T-20hrs before departing for Mongolia, 28/365

Waiting for the future to come, 27/365
Sitting on a bench in Adelaide St, waiting before I went into see the prosthodontist.
Waiting for the future to come, 27/365

Not our pick-up, 26/365
Thursday night, Mum and I went to pick Susan up from the airport. These two drivers waited and waited and waited for their pick-ups to come out of the gate.
Not our pick-up, 26/365

All done at last! 25/365
Ekka Wednesday. Oh so lovely to have a mid-week public holiday. I spent the morning cracking pecans, I finally finished my allotment of pecans from Granddad.
All done at last! 25/365

Oh Yeah Transformable Tomas, 24/365
A few weeks ago Karl, sent me a link to this picture. I couldn’t get over how cool it looked. A look at ebay a few days later, a little $$ later and I now have my own Transformable Tomas.
Oh Yeah Transformable Tomas, 24/365

Catherdal Square flowers, 23/365
This is by no means the best photo but every time I walk past this flower bed, I wonder if anyone stops and picks a few flowers? The flower bed is at chest height and it looks so tempting.
Catherdal Square flowers, 23/365

Squished, Dry Cane Toad, 22/365
We were going to pick up the avocados and passion fruit and I noticed this squished dried out cane toad and just had to a little photo πŸ™‚
Squished, Dry Cane Toad, 22/365

Oh little bird in the yard, 21/365
I don’t mind the birds when they stay in the yard, like this one here. When they cross the border of the deck and try to come into the house though, that I don’t like.
Oh little bird in the yard, 21/365

a second attempt.

I have a new toy tool to add to my toytool box. On Sunday I picked up a Pansonic Lumix TZ7. I’ve been wanting a compact camera for a while now and the opportunity arose for me to pick it up for a very good price ($535) as a local white goods retailer was offering a cost +3% sale for emergency and corrective services staff/volunteers. From what I have done with it so far I am really impressed. Earlier in the week I had called them to see what cameras they stocked as I was looking at a few Canon compacts as well as a few Panasonic compacts, they advised they no longer stock Canon cameras, cut my choices in half πŸ™‚ To help in my decision I made a spreadsheet up which I looked over a hundred times before Sunday Morning. It doesn’t have any manual modes, it doesn’t have raw files but it is just about exactly what I wanted.

camera choices

Now I have a camera that fits in my pocket, in all my handbags, takes pretty darn good videos and macros. Very fun. It is so fun and easy that I have decided to have another crack at doing a 365 project. Last year I tried and ended up doing 75 days and I often struggled to get a unique photo. Looking at those photos now I love them so much. As you may have realised I have been in a bit of a vortex the last few/many months. I have struggled to take photos that I like or more to the point found it hard to take photos. I would have my camera with me and know the photo I wanted to take but just not get that photo as hard as I tried. The last nine months have been quite an adventure with work, life and everything else. Enough is enough and step by step, things are getting back on track.

Back to the topic at hand. I present my first 3 photos for 365 in 09/10.
My very first photo with my new camera.
That ain't a 5D, 1/366

July brings on the start of the Strawberry season πŸ™‚
Breakfast 2/365

Today I had my lunch outside. I’ve not done that in a very long time! I took my salad, my crochet and enjoyed my 30 mins πŸ™‚
Lunch, outside, sun! 3/365

till tomorrow.

Can I just say how much I love this.