Band-Aids, that little adhesive plaster strip that has served so many of us.  I in particular am a fan of one certain type of Band-Aid – Fabric Band-Aid.

The fabric Band-Aid is better than the regular plastic strips  on so many levels, they don’t tear, they don’t make my skin all sweaty, they stretch nicely and just feel so comfy.

All my bags, purses and handbags, have a stash of Band-Aids in, mainly due to my ever-ending cuts etc but also when someone asks "Does anyone have a Band-Aid?" I just pull one out and hand it over. πŸ™‚

Currently I have band-aids on four fingers; one from a bad cardboard cut at work, one from another cut and two on fingers where I have bad skin flaps – you know those shreds of skin that tear up beside you nails and are extremely painful?

Band-Aids and I get on very well.

Some days I think shares in Johnson&Johnson could be a really good idea