T minus 23hrs

well we are past the 24hr mark now!
In the last stages of packing – at the moment my bag is 13kg! – max allowed to europe is 20kg (USA is 32kg) – so lots of room to stock up on stuff.
Mum just made a nice carry strap for my tripod – sure beats the manfrotto strap which would have costed AU$50.
Going out tonight for a farwell night out, heaps or friends and their friends as well, but of course 2 people have piked already 🙁 🙁 pikers
Working on my post card list.
Putting together my little journal kit
Getting excited!

two weeks.

Two weeks till Iceland – in fact this time in 2 weeks, we will have disembarked in Singapore.

Two weeks till my lips can taste the sweetness of Appelsín and munch on Prince Polo Bars

Two weeks to save some more money.

Two weeks till everlasting daylight. 

Two weeks till I can see all my family.

Two weeks till endless laughter, hugs and grins.

Two weeks to finish the quilt for Jökull.

Two weeks to stock up on Aussie supplies for the family. Vegemite, Tim-Tams, Bundy etc

Two weeks to decide what camera gear to take.

Two weeks!!