Pabbi is off to bridge today. It doesn’t sound very exciting but it is so much. Since Pabbi retired, it has being hard all round but especially hard for him. Days are spent sleeping or drinking. Over the weekend it got especially bad as his thoughts turned sour. Thoughts that none of us were ready for. Mum and him had a good chat and today he is off to his first social event other than work that does not include family since coaching discus probably ten years ago.

Pabbi and I often have our disagreements but today I am proud of him and here is to more Wednesday mornings, when I see him walk out the door, dressed up and saying I am off to bridge, see you this afternoon.

The tide is turning.


Many times, when I am sitting in a lecture at Uni, I nod off for a fraction of a second, before I realise what it is I am doing and force my self to wake up, focus and take notes. But, what happens when you don’t realise what you are doing and don’t wake up? That is what I did this morning in my lecture for Social Context of Asian Business, this is one of my smaller subjects with 66 students registered d but no where near that in the lecture.

I blame it purely on the Green Day and Simple Plan concert last night (it went off except for copious amounts of prepubescent girls screaming). After the period where I truly fell asleep for a minute or two, I struggled to keep my self aware and focused on the lecture on hand. My notes are all over the page, where I have kept writing when I was sleepy or could not focus on where the lines were on the page.

I seem to be in a constant state of sleepiness at Uni, must be all those early starts. Here is to the rest of the semester and trying not to fall asleep in class. (What would my mum say??)