Selamat jalan Sam

The wonderful Sam

Sam, the wonderful Sam is leaving on a jet plane tonight, 11:59pm to be exact. Spending about 6 months working her way round the world. Tomorrow morning she will be in Jakarta, using her Indo skills that she has honed well over the last nine+ years. Spending three months in Indo seeing the sights, meeting the people, going on tours, picking up teaching resources and who knows what else. Then it is on to Malaysia for a little while where she will eat probably triple her weight in Roti Canai. From there it is onto England where she will spend six weeks and Christmas with numerous currently unplanned jaunts to the mainland. The final stop is New York, New York for New Years and some time spent absorbing American Culture.

Last night a group of us headed down to The Satay Hut at Southbank for a farewell dinner. The menu gave us just under 100 options plus variations which meant that it was a challenge in picking our meals. I ended up getting garlic mixed vegetables ($12.50) because it was an extra $6 to get it with chicken and I didn’t think it was justifiable. Just as well because the Satay Hut makes the meals big. My veggies were served on a 30cm oval plate and would have been piled in a mound a good 10cm high. Lots of veggies! It was a really nice meal though a bit lacking on the garlic, the veggies were all nice and with just the right amount of crunch. All the meals were huge and most of us struggled to get them down.

The night had to come to a close though and there were hugs and more hugs and more hugs again. Since we met in Indo class during our first year of Uni in 2003, Sam had been my most reliable partner in crime. We have been to concerts, chatted, partied and more.

Some photos from the night.
Justin Jess _MG_8774

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