S&C show wrap up

Well the Stitches and Craft show is over for another year and who knows where I will next year. Whilst I was at the show my Defence Recruiter rang me to give me the date for the Officer Selection Board which is the final round in the recruiting process. On May 28th or 3 weeks today I put my heart, soul and brain on the table to show that I have the goods to be an officer in the Royal Australian Air Force of today. I have pieces of paper everywhere with lists as to what I need to know and a notebook getting fuller and fuller with notes.

I had a really great time at the show and loved every minute of it. In the 360 days of the year when I am not at the show I tend to forget just how much I love seeing the satisfaction on people’s face when they realise just how easy it is to use the Fiskars ShapeCutter or the new version the Ultra ShapeXpress or when they have a ShapeCutter for years but never knew how to use it so they spend their time tracing round the templates and cutting it out with scissors.

On Saturday night Andrea and I went to see Josh Pyke with Melanie Horsnell and Old Man River at The Tivoli . There was some good music and I had a nice night hanging out with Andrea. Andrea at the end of the night could have died happy as it could be said she is a fairly big Josh Pyke fan.

Sunday it was the last day of the show and Andrea came to check it out, take a Fiskars class and a beading class as well as picking up some bargains and then winning the daily prize from Fiskars for the paper crafting competition that was run each day. When I told Andrea she won, she couldn’t believe it. It was great and the layout she entered was gorgeous.

Here is a picture from the show. This is Helen Williams, chief creative designer/scrapbooker extraordinaire teaching in one of the classes on the first day. It was great to see Helen again as well as getting to meet the two girls from Fiskars who came up for the start of the show and of course the Brissie girls who do the show each year as well.

Helen teaching

Now for something totally different.

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  1. Wow!! Your scrapbooking stuff is awesome. I’ve given your website to my Mum to check out…she’ll love it πŸ™‚
    How have you been?? Hows the job hunt?? I’ve almost finished uni!! YAY πŸ™‚ After the exam tomorrow i’ve got 2 subjects left!

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