Killarney Glen


Killarney Glen is part of the Kokoda Jungle Warfare Training ground which explains the sign and also the fact that the area is managed by the Defence department instead of National Parks. On certain areas of the track down to the creek we would see signs on the trees warning us not to move past the tree if we valued our life.

Unbeknownst to Mum a little over a year ago she had scheduled herself to lead a walk on what would turn out to be my graduation day. So when my graduation date was announced, Mum had a little bit of a scramble to do in finding someone else to lead the walk. Luckily a friend was free to lead the trip so this past Sunday, us three and another friend of Mum’s headed down to the Canungra area to do a pre-outing so the new leader would know where to take her merry band of walkers.

We had the most delightful day, a late start as the walk is only a 20 min stroll down the hill to the creek where you can explore up and down stream as well as having a relaxing paddle in water that was just the right temperature.

Interior of Paddy's Shack Paddy Fitzgerald’s shack at Killarney Glen

We then headed off to have a look at the old Lahey’s Timber Mill Tramway Tunnel which was so delightfully cool compared to the warm day out in the open.

Lahey's Canungra Tramway Tunnel

Then it was down to the Canungra township for Weis Bars and to marvel at the amount of bikies who were out for a Sunday tour. Instead of coming home via the M1 we headed up the Beaudesert-Nerang Rd and Waterford-Tamborine Rd and joined the M1 again at Logan.

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