Riverfire 2006

The promise of tons of fireworks, two F-111’s doing a dump and burn, a great setting and a place to put the tripod is going to get me out of the house quicker than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. The promise of been joined by a few friends and Mum also meant that I was slightly more up market then I was last year (more food, cushions, entertainment etc).

I started work 1hr earlier yesterday so I was finished my shift by 3pm which gave me time to get home, pack my gear and get down to Eagle Street Pier to stake out our space for the fireworks display that would start at 7pm with a F-111 dump and burn and end at 7:30pm with a second flyover.

Shortly after I arrived at my spot, a family set up a few meters away from me, after looking at them for a while and them looking at me, I asked “Did I sit beside you last year?� Of course the answer was yes and the lady said she had recognised me by my bag which her youngest daughter had spent the evening playing with last year. How cool!

Customs House

A little while later Mum arrived and then a little while after that Sam, Justin, Catherine and baby Harmony arrived and I swear five seconds after they arrived and the introductions were made Harmony was in Mum’s arms, it was classic.

Between 5:35pm and 5:45pm the RAAF Roulettes did their show for us with all sorts of aerobatic displays.

Story Bridge

Customs House and inner city buildings Story Bridge

After a while of food, baby holding and chatting Harmony was put down to sleep and us “adults” settled in to play a highly serious game of Go Fish. Halfway through our Go Fish session Sandy arrived and was taught how to play so she could join in.

Go Fish

After x rounds of Go Fish, the sky above us shone like the sun and the temperature climbed numerous degrees as we experienced the thrill of an F-111 flying overhead whilst dumping and burning fuel and then the bridge erupted into a glorious display of fireworks.

Fireworks on the Story Bridge 1 Fireworks on the Story Bridge 2 Pink on the Story Bridge Fireworks on the Story Bridge 3 TechniColour on the Story Bridge Mum and the Story Bridge Fireworks on the Story Bridge 4 Fireworks on the Story Bridge 5 Fireworks on the Story Bridge 6 Fireworks on the Story Bridge 7 Fire Rain on the Story Bridge

Then the second F-111 closed the show and we all went our respective ways. There was two things that I did not get good photos of, the first been either of the F-111 flyovers or the waterfall fireworks that came off the bottom of the bridge.

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  1. Helen your photos are stunning! Like I keep saying, you are super talented! What happened when you took photos of the f111, how did they turn out?

  2. wow! i like the photos!! surprisingly they turned out better than mine :p did you know the Mater hospital closes the roof of the car park and you can watch them from up there?? Apparently you can see everything!! next year…

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