Match Point

I went to see Match Point tonight. I went into to it knowing it was a Woody Allen film, knowing that as much as I want it to be a “cliché Hollywood romance” it wouldn’t be since it is a Woody film.

I walked out of the cinema shocked that the ending that I had hoped for so desperately didn’t happen but also utterly overwhelmed by the feeling of perhaps cinematically having just seen the one of the best films I have ever seen. The differing metaphors in the film about luck versus justice versus temptation, the levels that the story can be read at; was I focusing too closely on the want of Chris to be a man and not to see the real aspect of who is as someone who decides that having riches for the rest of his life is better than the life he could have with Nola?

I wanted the cliché but that is not what we were dealt and on a brain food level I like what Woody dealt.

Another thing I want is to find a pair of shoes that bloody well fit my poor feet!! My current work shoes I have had since 1999 and after many years of tramping round school, enduring the tortures of milk and yoghurt and been a general tool to kick a pallet into place etc they are falling apart. When I first got them they were not the most comfortable shoes but as the years have gone by they are molded to my feet but still not comfy, after a long day at work I want to shop my feet off. Knowing they will not last much longer I have spent the last month or so going into stores trying in shoes and walking out as I could tell straight away they didn’t fit properly. Mum suggested that I try a pair of Rockport’s as both my dad and grandmother find/found them great. So in my lunch hour today I went tried a pair (handspring) on, walked round the store and thought these are pretty nice, I’ll get them.

I walked out of the store with them on and my trusty Colorado’s in a box under my arm, however once I started to really walk in them I was in more pain than my Colorado’s give me, so I changed back into my old shoes and got back to work. This means tomorrow I will trudge back to the store and return them and my search will start again.

I am hoping to find these casual Tevas in some of the local travel outfitters as I reason that if they are comfy like classic Tevas than I might just be in pure bliss.

Anyone want my feet? I’ll happily swap them for an extra arm or perhaps a tooth to replace my falsie. I’ll even paint the toenails pink before I give them to you.

Oh, and have you seen the new EA/Maxis game that is coming out? Spore, go watch the video it looks very, very good 🙂 I love a good sim game 🙂

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  1. i have the same problem with feet. it takes me a long time too to find a pair of shoes that don’t bother my feet all the time.

    i love the kira 2 shoes on the same page as the Tevas! not appropriate work shoes though obviously!

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