Australia Day Catch-Up

Well, today is Australia Day, which means I am cooking Lamb Chops for tea and we have rushed outside at the sound of the F1-11 flying over (Is there ever an event in Brisbane where we don’t have at least one F1-11 do either a fly-over or a dump and burn? The benefits I guess of having a RAAF base just down the road).

Also for the fact that it is Australia Day, I have given my site a new change of clothes and adopted a Green and Gold theme, the cool tag template for the header image comes from Tracy Ann’s Cool Bits Kit at Scrapbook-Bytes. πŸ™‚
I have spent the morning filing away bookmarks and updating my RSS feed subscriptions and clearing off my desk, so I can hopefully get some scrapbooking done this evening inbetween watching my favourite Australian TV show at the moment – RAN (Remote Area Nurse).

The other day I picked up this gorgeous little Ethos Poppy & Friends serving plate set from Robins Kitchen.

Poppy plates

Earlier this week on Monday, Pabbi and I, like many other Brisbanites went to the LifeLine Bookfest (a 6 day pre-loved book sale held twice yearly, which is the largest in the world, yep’s that right Brisbane can claim to fame the world’s largest pre-loved book sale and we have had it for the last 16 years). I spent $6.50 and came away with a fistful of crochet, sewing and knitting leaflets/books. Here are a sample of them, click on the thumbnails to see them full size.

anchor flowersanchor pattern This is a leaflet from an iron-on embroidery pattern from Anchor, the iron-on transfer is long gone but cool are the flowers?
learn to One of four little crochet booklets I picked up, just love the front photo on this one, reminds me of a polaroid portrait.

playtime pets Loving the elephants πŸ™‚
swiss straw Who could go past some Rayon-Raffia accessories, which are still chic today and were used to make a hat in the recent Interweave Knits Crochet edition.

oven mittsspoonsgiant flowers These three are from a Australian Women’s Weekly embroidery leaflet for the contemporary needlewoman. Which it promises are all quick to work in simple stem and chain stitch. The balloon oven mitts are billed as perfect for children to do for presents as they are easy and inexpensive to make.

3 Replies to “Australia Day Catch-Up”

  1. Well NSW must be jumping on the band wagon as we have a lifeline sulo bin in the library for people to donate their “pre loved” books for the giant Lifeline Sale!!! It gets emptied a couple times a week. You should see what is going in there LOL

    Happy Australia Day chicky!

  2. I loved reading this–life in another county is fascinating!! Especially Australia. I have heard that the thought of PUMPKIN PIE sounds pretty revolting to Australians. As I can imagine it would be. LOL
    Happy Australia Day!!

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