Last night, marked the biggest event of the , . Which is 30 minutes of fireworks from 7 barges on the river as well as on the Story Bridge :), that starts and finishes with an doing a dump and burn, which is an awesome event to watch; The Sky just comes alight with the burning fuel and depending on where you are in relation to it’s flight path, you can become quite warm.

Wanting to have my choice of spots, I arrived in at the river quite early, round 4ish for the fireworks to start at 7, in hindsight I could have arrived about an hour later and still have gotten my choice of places. I placed myself on the boardwalk infront of .

Later on in the afternoon, did their thing rolling and soaring through the sky.

Had a great time with my camera and tripod as well as with a lens hood I had made earlier in the day to cover my lens when there were no fireworks going off, so I could have longer exposures and not be affected by the ambient light. I just wanted the fire works :):)

I leave you with this panorama I made of the river early in the afternoon, you can click on it to make it bigger. As I process more photos from the night they will appear over at /random life.

brisbane river

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