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We had a Graduate Program Fair at Uni today, as Andrea, Lianna and myself wandered round the stalls, finding out what we could about our possible futures, I also tried to score as much free stuff as I could, unfortunately it was the fiance companies that the were giving away the best stuff and they don’t want to talk to us πŸ™ – they had slinkies, bags, water bottles etc πŸ™  I got a lip balm from the Department of Defence though πŸ™‚

In order to understand the job complexities we are facing, you must know our degree. The Degree that we are completing is a Bachelor of Arts in Asian and International Studies. The program only takes in 35 students for first year each year but of course as you
can imagine nowhere near that number actually graduates with that
degree so we are a pretty small group of students.

All trying to get the handful of jobs that will let us use our degree otherwise we join the thousands of plain, boring, regular BA students looking at regular jobs as admin, research etc for the rest of the corporate world.

We discovered or perhaps really realised that we were going to be to on a tough road ahead. Even though we all started uni together only Andrea will be graduating this year, since I changed courses and then came back and Lianna was having fun so we were focused on finding out as much as we could for Andrea. Our possible employers from the fair are as follows. Department of Defence, The Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, Defence Signals Directorate and of course the Australian Defence Forces.

The person we spoke to from the Defence Signals Directorate was quite interesting as he was unable to tell us anything about languages or areas that they study, except to say that he had learnt four languages through the DSD. Would have been better if we could have learnt more about possible jobs etc, application of our degree but that is all confidential material, you must understand, of course.

The other four places that were recommended to us by the people we spoke to were The Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS),Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and the United Nations Graduate Program. Supposedly the information for the UN Grad program is on their website but I am yet to find it. I did how ever find a job for a Upholsterer – 2 Posts, TC-5, New York at the UN. mmm.

It is a long road ahead, at least the mentor program that we can undertake next year will be good, as many people get jobs though their mentor.

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